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Class: Super Mario Maker Profile
Retrieve a Super Mario Maker profile
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Maker Profile is the player information on Super Mario Maker game. This module can retrive data from the official bookmark site. This module can request and fetching data information of Maker Profile just passing the Nintendo ID of the player.

By response the module call a callback function with 2 arguments (error, makerProfile). These arguments: the first is a boolean to check sucess in fetching; and the second is a json with data information about the user.

Note: This module makes analysis on the html structure of the bookmark site. In case of site changes, the smm-maker-profile system may not work correctly.


npm install --save smm-maker-profile


  • `getMetaContent`: get profile content.
  • `getMetaCoursesContent`: get profile content and courses details (uploaded, liked, fastest clear and first clear).
  • `getAllContent`: get profile content and courses details (plus data course \[search in each page]).

Json makerProfile

The data information:

  \_ user: 'Nintendo ID',
  \_ userUrl: '',
  \_ miiUrl: '',
  \_ miiFace: '',
  \_ flag: 'Country',
  \_ name: 'Name'
stars: number
medals: [ 'Goomba', 'Koopa Troopa', .., 'Princess Peach' ]
  \_ easyClears: number,
  \_ normalClears: number,
  \_ expertClears: number,
  \_ superExpertClears: number
  \_ coursesPlayed: number,
  \_ coursesCleared: number,
  \_ totalPlays: number,
  \_ livesLost: number,
  \_ courses: (only in getMetaCoursesContent | getAllContent)
        \_ posted: number | object
        \_ liked:  number | object
        \_ fastest:  number | object
        \_ first:  number | object


Example: Fetching a Maker Profile.

var SmmMakerProfile = require('smm-maker-profile');

// ## Try capture some data from ID Nintendo user
// For example get information of BRKsEDU player
// link:

SmmMakerProfile.getMetaContent('BRKsEDU', function(error, makerProfile) {
    if(error) console.log('> Page not found or Nintendo ID inexistent.');

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