File: examples/bulk_import_example.js

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File: examples/bulk_import_example.js
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: Countly SDK for Node.js
Report events to be tracked with by API
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Last change: Eslint fixes
Fixign bulk example
Stricter eslint rules
Date: 1 year ago
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var CountlyBulk = require("../lib/countly").Bulk; var server = new CountlyBulk({ app_key: "YOUR_APP_KEY", url: "", //your server goes here debug: true }); //start processing queued requests or next ones that will be added server.start(function() { //callback is called when there is nothing in queue //in this example we can stop server link, but if you are adding data with timeouts, like retrieving data from database, //it might not be a good idea to stop automatically, but rather wait for all data to be added and check queue size manually //by using server.queue_size() before stoping processing //or add all data and then start processing queue, but in that case whole queue will be kept in memory until processing starts server.stop(); }); var user = server.add_user({device_id: "my_device_id"}); user.begin_session({_os: "Android", _os_version: "7", _app_version: "1.0"}, 240, 1500645060) .add_event({key: "Test1", timestamp: 1500645060}) .add_event({key: "Test2", timestamp: 1500645060}) .add_event({key: "Test3", timestamp: 1500645060}) .user_details({name: "Test user", email: "test@test.test"}) .report_view("Login view", "Android", 1500645060, 200, true) .report_view("Logout view", "Android", 1500645260, 40, false, true) .report_feedback({rating: 5, platform: "Android", app_version: "1.0", widget_id: "1"}, 1500645160) .report_crash({_os: "Android", _os_version: "7", _error: "Stack trace goes here", _app_version: "1.0"}, 1500645200) .custom_set("key", "value") .custom_set_once("only", "once") .custom_increment("inc") .custom_increment_by("inc", 2) .custom_multiply("mul", 10) .custom_max("max", 10) .custom_min("min", 10) .custom_push("check", "a") .custom_push_unique("tags", "morning") .custom_save();