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Compile Vue template files using Gulp
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VueJS Compiler

VueJS Compiler is a transformer for vue files . you can easily compile (transform) your vue project With gulp and browserify. Also Sass added to gulp workflow for better productivity.


vueJsCompiler requires Node.js v4+ to run.

$ git clone vueJsCompiler
$ cd vueJsCompiler
$ npm install

All package and dependencies will install.


  • It is so easy . just compile your vue files with short syntax
    $ gulp vue

for sass

$ gulp sass

for vue and sass watch

$ gulp watch

for production sass to minified css

$ gulp prod

You can also:
  • add new gulp tasks such as default task
  • you can compile sass file - stylus files and other libraries in vue files with vuiefy




VueJs Compiler uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • [Vue Js] - Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces!
  • [node.js] - evented I/O for the backend
  • [npm] - package manager for nodejs
  • [Gulp] - the streaming build system
  • [browserify] - The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
  • [babel] - The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
  • [vueify] - vue compile templates!


Want to contribute? Great! Open your favorite IDE and change files.


- write new gulp tasks - gulp js minifier and uglifier



[npm]: <> [Vue Js]: <> [vueify]: <> [browserify]: <> [markdown-it]: <> [node.js]: <> [Gulp]: <> [babel]: <>